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I Can’t Run

“Change the word can’t to won’t. This will eliminate self limiting beliefs.” Ben Bergeron Margaret brought us the quote of the week from the Ben

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Positive Self Talk

The last blog talked about mindset. One of the strategies I shared with you to shift your mindset was through positive self talk, so now,

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Shifting Your Mindset

Last week, Sam gave us some motivation on getting outside our comfort zone. A phrase, or mantra that we use often in the gym. This

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Parable of the Sower

Anytime Art gets a 1on1 session, he always tries to stall on the roller at the beginning of our session and steal extra time between

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2019 Pump N Run

Register now using this link.When: October 12th, 20919 @ 11amWhere: 3306 Plaza Dr, New Albany, IN The 2019 Pump n’ Run is brought  to you

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Vacation and Moderation

I went on vacation and I didn’t track my calories. Not even once. I know there are some professional health gurus out there that will

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